Friday, April 8, 2011

Eiken Anime Review

Complete Collection - 2 episodes
60 minutes
$19.95 (2004)
ISBN 631595046373
English/Japanese Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Kiyotaka Ohata
Studio - J.C. Staff, GENCO

Synopsis: Densuke Mifune manages to be accepted at the exclusive Zashono Academy where he is forced to join the Eiken Club after a chance encounter on his first day.  The all-girl club is populated by many enormous-breasted girls. He immediately falls in love with Chiharu Shinonome (she has an ever-increasing bust size), but must overcome many obstacles to prove he's not just another pervert. 

Densuke accidentally bumps into Chiharu on the first day of class
Each year the school clubs all compete against each other in some zany games to determine a champion.  Densuke must compete against Shima Kurosawa, last year's winner and the guy trying to steal away Chiharu. First he has to get past Chiharu's lustful sister Yuriko who wants to claim him for her own.  What's a wimpy, nerd schoolboy to do?
Members of the Eiken Club
Pros: Fan-service - pure and simple, comedy
Kirika Misono, head of the Eiken Club, is
never seen without something in her mouth
Cons: Over-the-top, no real story to speak of, can be offensive to sensitive viewers
This is just wrong
Kirika gives Miharu a playful squeeze
Mike Tells It Straight: An obvious satire of the harem anime genre where a pathetic, nerdy boy is surrounded by unbelievably attractive girls. Eiken goes to the extreme by having the boy pushed around by the girls and forced to cross-dress, conversely all of the girls have huge breasts and are constantly showing their underwear.  Kirika is always shown sucking or eating a phallic food (bananas, hot dogs) and I swear the girls' breasts jiggle when they're standing still. The most controversial aspect of this show is the character of a sixth-grade girl (Komoe Harumachi) with giant breasts flopping around uncontrollably.  You will not find another show quite like Eiken.  It has the most sexual innuendo and offensive material to women of any anime I have ever seen (and that's saying a lot).

TO BUY and Recommendations: Eiken DVD