Friday, April 8, 2011

Sol Bianca: The Legacy Anime Review

Sol Bianca: The Legacy
Geneon (Pioneer)
Complete Collection - 6 episodes
180 minutes - 3 discs
$59.98 (2003)
ISBN 013023208193
English/Japanese Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Hiroyuki Ochi
Studio - AIC

Synopsis: April captains the Sol Bianca with her all-female crew of space pirates. They run across the Terra Force, a military group representing the Earthians who regard Earth as sacred ground and are gathering its artifacts scattered throughout the cosmos.  The Earthian commander considers the pirate ship a priceless holy treasure and attempts to acquire it at all costs. 

Sol Bianca crew members:
  • April - captain and crack shot
  • Feb - thief and enjoys the finer things in life (like shopping and drinking wine)
  • Janni - brooding bodybuilder and heavy weapons expert
  • Jun - computer and tech expert
  • Meiyo - young stowaway
Pros: Opening theme is a good '90s techno song, 3D graphics are decent if not a little dated by today's standards

Cons: Plot is fast and loose, characters are not overly likable or particularly deep, Sol Bianca special attack is a giant image of a woman firing a bow which seems completely impractical

Mike Tells It Straight: Completely rewritten from the early '90s OVA this short series was a step forward for anime 3D graphics. Although the story itself was kinda vague it had lots of action and some interesting space/ground battles.  It's utterly forgettable and overall just so-so as a recommendation.

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