Friday, April 8, 2011

Desert Punk Anime Review

Desert Punk
Complete Collection - 24 episodes
600 minutes
$89.98 (2007) $49.98 (2008) $39.98 (2010)
ISBN 704400069154
English/Japanese Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Takayuki Inagaki
Studio - Gonzo

Synopsis: In the post-apocalyptic desert that is now Japan there lives a mercenary of fearsome reputation, the "Desert Punk" (Kanta Mizuno).  He always gets the job done and has phenomenal luck.  Seemingly meeting his match in the "Vixen of the Desert" (Junko Asagiri) whose gravity-defying large breasts and sex appeal continuously trick Desert Punk into playing her fall guy. 

Kanta takes an apprentice after Kosuna (Taiko Koizumi) rescues him from being shot.  He is highly skeptical at the prospect of an apprentice, but quickly agrees when Kosuna shows him a picture of her well-endowed mother.  His perverted side figures she'll one day be just as well-endowed and one in the hand is worth two in the bush after all. 

Kanta and Kosuna embark on many jobs and eventually become embroiled in a rebellion to take down the Great Kanto Desert government to reestablish freedom for the common people.  Ancient technology is uncovered in the form of unstoppable combat robots and both sides race to destroy each other again in a repeat of what happened to the original post-modern world.

Pros: Great low-brow humor, Junko's ridiculously large breasts, Kosuna's determination, decent story, Fist of the North Star parody character, bloopers, "Desert Parody" famous movie covers

Cons: Live-action opening credits (which last for the first half of the show) are awful, Kanta ends up really being a dick

Mike Tells It Straight: Kanta is loud-mouthed, perverted, and completely amoral - in other words he's completely hilarious.  Overall Desert Punk is light in tone with heavy fan-service, lots of crude jokes, a great supporting cast (especially Kosuna), and a surpisingly decent ending.  It's definitely worth a viewing if you're not looking for anything too serious.

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