Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Project Blue Earth SOS Anime Review

Project Blue Earth SOS
Complete Collection - 6 episodes
288 mins. - 2 discs
$49.98 (2009)
$29.98 (2010) S.A.V.E.
ISBN 704400069406
Japanese/English Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Tensai Okamura
Studio - A.C.G.T.

Synopsis: A new fighter plane utilizing the experimental G-Reaction engine mysteriously disappears during a test flight.  Fast forward five years and a new bullet train using the same type of experimental engine evaporates into thin air.  Two charismatic teen detectives witness the train disappearance and burst into action.  One is Billy Kimura, heir to billion-dollar Kimura Industries and a boy genius in his own right.  The other is Penny Carter, orphaned at a young age, but highly intelligent and a master of quick thinking.  They investigate similar missing devices using G-Reaction technology and aided by gal pal Lotta Brest, they uncover a sinister plot by ruthless aliens to invade Earth from extra-dimensional space. 

Can the plucky trio help the clandestine organization whose mission is to stop the invasion and save Metropolitan X? 

Pros: Slick animation, nice use of CG, some good mystery/suspense with the alien invasion
The aliens use goofy looking guns like these

Cons: Teen characters are mostly annoying, Lotta Brest is a pervy name for a teen girl without big breasts (her tutor Emely had ample cleavage and could have pulled off the name), retro-future designs didn't quite work, English dub is not as good as original Japanese

Mike Tells It Straight: Revisit those campy sci-fi matinees you loved as a kid (or as an adult) with this show.  It's got a nice retro-futuristic feel and modern animation/effects, but mostly fell flat for me.  Only garners a meager recommendation due to the annoying kids (blame the English dub actors) and dull plot elements.  It was just highly unclever.

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