Monday, April 23, 2012

Kekko Kamen Anime Review

Kekko Kamen
ADV Films
Complete Collection - 1 disc
90 mins. - 4 episodes
$29.98 (2005)
ISBN 702727114427
Japanese/English Audio - English Subtitles
Directors - Nobuhiro Kondo/ Kinji Yoshimoto
Studio - Dynamic Planning

Synopsis: There exists a secret prep school responsible for molding our most highly respected political leaders into the power-wielding titans we know and loathe - the Big Toenail of Satan's Spartan Institute of Higher Education!  Former alumni include George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton.

Poor Mayumi gets disciplined again
The teachers at the Spartan Institute (as it is commonly referred to) are experts at disciplining wayward students and bringing out the best results from their hapless wards through constant punishment.  The principal is known as the Toenail of Satan  and he employs only the most hardened instructors.  These include a former Nazi torture-woman, super-muscled physical education teacher, an exchange student from hell, and a voyeur samurai.
Kekko Kamen comes to Mayumi's aid
Mayumi Takahashi is bright, but lazy and a constant target of discipline usually involving her being tied up with her clothes torn off to reveal a young nubile body.  Rushing to her aid is the denuded damsel of justice - Kekko Kamen!  She fights for love and justice (you can only do this in the nude and expect to be successful after all).  KK employs a devastating finishing move and is the only resistance to the grotesquely perverted happenings at the Spartan Institute.
Kekko Kamen punishes the Nazi dominatrix counselor (I think she likes it)
Pros: Lots of nudity (KK's costume is 90% birthday-suit), KK's finishing move is body-slamming her muff onto her oppenents' willing faces, oddly compelling, better than the live-action movies

Cons: Low-quality animation, terrible character designs, plot is goofy and ridiculous, tacky/campy/you-name-it
The evil principal Toenail of Satan and his head instructor
Mike Tells It Straight: Kekko Kamen is campy and probably one of the most awful anime shows in existence.  Herein lies the drawback and the charm.  Originally produced in Japan in 1991-92, KK was a hybrid ecchi/hentai OVA laden with puns, parodies, and perversions.  The titular heroine literally bears her tits for justice.
Kekko Kamen has a rather unique finishing move
The plot is ludicrous and serves only to set up successive situations of bondage and nudity.  Mayumi always gets stuck in a sticky situation and KK comes to her naked rescue.  Each opponent falls to KK's muff-slam final move.  They seem to enjoy it and it's impossible to take this show seriously.

All of the villains are dumb, the plot sucks, the animation is totally weak, and it's a truly bad show.  Now typically this would turn most viewers off, but I see there are some real perverts in the crowd.  Well, this show is probably for you.  Us normal folks will just steer clear (oh wait, I watched this already - guess I'm a pervert too).
'Eat this Toenail of Satan!'

Seriously, I love most of Go Nagai's other works translated into anime (Demon Lord Dante, Getter Robo), but KK is just bad!  It reminds me of the (many, many) times I was so desperate to watch any type of anime (due to its scarcity during the '80s-'90s) - I would literally watch anything!  Good, bad, it didn't matter.  If you are in this frame of mind then it doesn't matter what I recommend here - you will watch KK without hesitation.  However, if you still have a choice (or a Netflix subscription) then heed my words - "do not succumb to the boobies, find a decent anime to watch!".

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