Friday, April 22, 2011

Witch Hunter Robin Anime Review

Witch Hunter Robin
Bandai Entertainment – Anime Legends
Complete Collection – 26 episodes
650 mins. – 6 discs
$149.98 Limited Edition w/pin set (2004) $49.98 (2006)
ISBN 1594097216
English/Japanese Audio – English Subtitles
Director – Shuko Murase
Studio - Sunrise
TO BUY: Witch Hunter Robin
Synopsis: Witches are real and have phenomenal psychic powers which explode into existence based on pre-determined genetic dispositions. They’ve been hiding within humanity for hundreds of years and are a part of modern history (Salem witch trials). A clandestine organization called Solomon operates throughout the world hunting witches. Backed by Solomon the STN-J is an investigative unit in Japan actively finding witches and incarcerating them at The Factory.

Robin is a fifteen-year-old girl who has incredible pyrokinetic powers and is just trying to belong somewhere. She’s been trained to hunt witches and is assigned to the STN-J by Solomon. She has a secret which could destroy her new life, but worse yet, her secret is just the tip of the iceberg. Another secret uncovered by a Solomon researcher many years ago threatens to change the face of humanity.

Pros: High production values, somewhat original story, good character/tech designs, awesome backgrounds, gothic techno punk, not your average monster-of-the-week show, mildly spooky beginning with a crime drama middle and action packed ending

Cons: Story progresses pretty slowly throughout the entire show, no nudity :), Robin herself is a rather drab character and spends a lot of time soul-searching

Mike Tells It Straight: A gothic mystery series for the Matrix generation and highly popular when it first aired. Good quality although it takes awhile to get going this show is worth viewing. It’s perfect to watch if you have kids since there’s no nudity and very subdued violence. Not a lot of replay value once all the secrets are revealed along with the slow story build-up.