Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sekirei Anime Review

Sekirei Season One
Complete Collection - 12 episodes + 1 OVA
300 mins. - 2 discs
$49.98 (2010)
$49.98 (2012) Blu-Ray/DVD combo
$69.98 (2013) Season 1-2 Blu-Ray/DVD combo
ISBN 704400058400
English/Japanese Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Keizo Kusakawa
Studio - Seven Arcs
TO BUY: Sekirei Complete Collection

Synopsis: Minato Sahashi has just failed his college entrance exams for the second time and is wallowing in self pity when a tough, beautiful girl literally falls on top of him.  She is pursued by two apparently superpowered girls dressed in S&M costumes.  Coming to her aid, Minato is swept up into the clandestine "Sekirei Plan" of the MBI Corporation's chairman Hiroto Minaka.
Minato gets knocked over by Musubi.  Love at first sight?
The girl is Musubi and she must battle 107 other Sekirei in order to win "The Game". Impressed by Minato's courage she chooses him as her Ashikabi - a human (typically male) with special genes that allow a Sekirei to tap into their full power by transferring saliva through a kiss. The Sekirei and Ashikabi are said to form a contract together.
From left to right: Tsukiumi, Homura, Musubi, Kazehana, Kusano (with
the plant, and Matsu (with the glasses)
Musubi comes to live with Minato and soon they settle at an boarding-house apparently filled with more Sekirei.  As the "Sekirei Plan" continues the two must literally fight to stay together as events spiral out of their control.
Tsukiumi manifests her water control powers and prepares to fight
Pros: Fan-service!, lots of big bare breasts (actual nudity), catchy ending theme (opening theme is decent), excellent animation style, Minato becomes a compelling character, there's a sequel!
Matsu puts the moves on Minato in the bath
Cons: Storyline and motivations are paper-thin - poke too hard and they tear to pieces, loli-girl Kusano
Even more Sekirei including Uzume and Miya
Mike Tells It Straight: This is a fan-service centric show with a loosely based plot giving mild parody to the harem and shounen genres. They certainly kicked it up a notch with ample bare breasts as each battle has one or more combatants losing most of their clothing.
Musubi waters Kusano while Tsukiumi flips out (as usual)
One thing to note on the first season collection - it includes an OVA (original video animation) episode which cannot be found on Netflix streaming.  The first season is only twelve episodes plus this OVA episode making it a typical 13 episodes total.
Minato wakes up fully clothed next to two half-naked women
I really liked Minato's character by the end of the show - he wasn't the typical wimp male protagonist like in most harem shows.  If you're looking for fan-service then this series is your stop, but if you're looking for a serious story then keep moving. It's still plenty amusing and I'll check out the second season to see where it goes.
Musubi powers up after kissing Minato.  Um, she lost her clothes in a fight

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