Friday, April 8, 2011

Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution Anime Review

Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution
Akuerian Eiji Sign for Evolution
ADV Films
Complete Collection (Thinpak) - 13 episodes
325 mins. - 3 discs
$34.98 (2009)
$39.98 (2008)
$39.98 (2005)
$29.98 (2004) Vol. 1-3/ea.
$39.98 (2004) Limited Edition
ISBN 702727137822
English/Japanese Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Studio - Broccoli/Madhouse

Synopsis: Kyouta Kamikurata is an aspiring musician and high school student.  He forms a band with his two friends Junichi Kojima and Shingo Hirota.  They call their band T.L. Signal and get signed by the label CosmoPop.  One night he encounters a mysterious girl and becomes embroiled in a strange war of otherworldly powers.  Learning he's a 'Mindbreaker' with the ability to awaken powers in others, but Kyouta just wants to play pop songs with his buddies.

T.L. Signal from left to right: Shingo, Kyouta, and Junichi
Now two factions, the Darklore and the Arayashiki, want to manipulate him to join them.  Worse yet his 'girlfriend' Yoriko Sannou becomes possessed by a mystical spirit with a power-hungry, destructive streak.  Now Kyouta must save his friends and quite possibly the world!
Kyouta and Kiriko spend time together
Pros: Nice cover/box art, fur-covered nekkid girl
T.L. Signal prepare for a jam session
Cons: Cheesy pop songs, weak overall story, awkward relationship between Kyouta and Yoriko, lame ending
A female Darklore battles an Arayashiki in between dimensions
Mike Tells It Straight: Based on the Aquarian Age TCG (trading card game).  Basically a romance-oriented story with some mystical elements thrown in for flavor.  The character designs and interactions are pretty weak/forgettable and the songs suck.  The discerning anime fan will probably not enjoy this show, but it may be suitable for beginners.
The box art was deceptively better than the actual animation
It's another show based on a much grander universe of source material (a complex TCG in this case) and too short to fully represent the story.  I'm sure the series creators were hoping for a sequel to further the storyline, but it didn't work out.  There was Aquarian Age: The Movie released in 2005 which is loosely related to the series, but doesn't share any of the same characters (only the same super-powered factions) and concerns an alien invasion of Earth.  The movie may be more entertaining to watch than the series, but that's a review for another day.
The boys and Kiriko attend a concert together.  Party!

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