Friday, April 8, 2011

Green Green Anime Review

Green Green
Gurin Gurin
Anime Works – Media Blasters
Complete Collection – 12 episodes
300 mins. – 3 discs
$19.99 (2009) Litebox
$29.95 (2007)
$19.95 (2006) Vol. 1-3/ea.
ISBN 1598835394
English/Japanese Audio – English Subtitles
Director – Chisaku Matsumoto/Yuji Muto
Studio - Studio Matrix
TO BUY: Green Green

Synopsis: The back cover tells us: In ancient times a man and woman tasted forbidden love, but couldn’t be together. They vowed their love would endure and be rekindled when they met in future lives. In the modern day, Kanenone Boy’s Academy is nestled in the mountains and hosting an all-girls class for the summer to potentially combine schools. Yusuke is one of the reincarnated lovers, but could one of the girls be his past romance?
An overly excited Midori leaps onto the unsuspecting Yuusuke
while giving the viewers a gratuitous panty shot
The story is really about: A school full of horny guys get to mingle with a bunch of girls over the summer. Yuusuke’s three friends are particularly horny and will stop at nothing to ogle the fairer sex. It’s a summer spent spying on girls taking baths, sneaking into the girls’ dorm, and plotting unsuccessful scheme after scheme to get laid. A mysterious girl appears on the first day and pounces on Yuusuke. She babbles about past lives and memories which just confuse him. He hasn’t awakened to his previous life yet and when a rival for his affections appears will the lovers’ vow be in jeopardy?
The beautiful girls of Green Green - from left Futaba, Reika,
school nurse Chigusa, Wakaba, Sanae, and Midori
Pros: Boob jiggle, panty shots, all-nude bathing scenes, and some topless shots
Midori attempts to save Futaba from an embarassing
wardrobe malfunction while Yuusuke looks on
Cons: Supremely juvenile, the story description made it seem like the show is all about fate/destiny/reincarnation when only the last two episodes really focus on it, Yuusuke’s three buddies (dubbed the ‘three amigos’) do some weird stuff (dress up as girls, paint on their nipples, accidentally kiss each other, and have a sweat lodge naked wrestling freak orgy)
The Baka Trio (baka = idiot) - from left Ichiban-Boshi, big brother
Tenjin, and Bacchi-Gu.  Hatching another perverted scheme
Mike Tells It Straight: My friend Nate summed up this show pretty well when we watched it: “This is the stupidest anime I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot!”. Don’t waste your time on this bargain bin anime despite the plentiful offer of cleavage jiggle and panty shots. The weak story and three amigos homo-erotic scenes aren’t worth the price.  BUT, if you're just looking for a mindless show with some fan-service then enjoy!
The ladies enjoy some milk after a nice hot bath

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