Friday, April 8, 2011

Bastard!! Anime Review

Complete Collection - 6 episodes
180 mins. - 1 disc
$29.98 (2001)
$49.98 (2001) w/Dark Schneider figure
ISBN 013023037199
English/Japanese Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Katsuhiro Akiyama
Studio - AIC

Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic future where a tremendous cataclysm ended modern civilization hundreds of years ago man has returned to a feudalistic society.  Technology is gone and wizards use magic to bring dominion over the land.  Fifteen years ago the most powerful wizard, Dark Schneider, ravaged the world.  He was halted and imprisoned by the magical priests of Meta-Ricana, the last free city-state. 
Dark Schneider tried to take over the world, but was imprisoned
In the present another wizard, backed by the Four Lords of Havoc, attempts to enslave Meta-Ricana.  The priests decide to fight evil with greater evil and release Dark Schneider!  He's still pissed about being defeated before and is more interested in revenge than becoming a savior.  The only thing keeping him on the side of good is a beautiful young priestess named Yoko whose virgin kiss releases him from within the body of fifteen-year-old Lucien.
Dark Schneider's spirit was imprisoned in a young boy named Lucien
Pros: A great mix of humor and violence, some nudity, good character designs (classic for the time), amusingly cheesy, good English dub, original creator Kazushi Hagiwara used his favorite metal bands as inspiration for names - Metallica = Meta-Ricana (originally Metallicana, but changed in translation due to potential copyright infringement)
Only a kiss from 80% virgin Yoko can release Dark Schneider from Lucien's body
Cons: Episodes are a little disjointed, it's really short (only 6 episodes) and promises to be continued, but wasn't continued and thus ends with no resolution to the storyline, Dark Schneider's character motivations don't jive for an evil wizard
Former lover to Dark Schneider - Thunder Empress Arshes Nei
Mike Tells It Straight: Don't believe the hype!  While Bastard!! was heavy metal goodness back in the early '90s, it just doesn't age well for today's market.  It has a few good points - character designs and some amusing names, but it's hurt by having an abrupt, unfinished ending.  I wanted to give it a higher recommendation, but quite frankly it's not worth the purchase price.  It's based on a prolific manga and I would recommend checking that out instead.  A lot of people may recommend this for the nostalgia factor, but I just didn't find enough quality to justify it.  Check out Record of Lodoss War or Berserk for a better experience.
Dark Schneider unleashed again!!

TO BUY and Recommendations: Slayers Berserk Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne