Friday, April 8, 2011

Gilgamesh Anime Review

ADV Films
Complete Collection - 26 episodes
650 minutes
$69.98 (2007) $49.98 (2009)
ISBN 702727146527
English/Japanese Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Masahiko Murata
Studio - Group TAC/Section 23
TO BUY: Gilgamesh

Synopsis: A group of scientists are researching genetics after discovering the ancient tomb of Gilgamesh.  Their research facility is called Heaven's Gate and it becomes ground zero for a catastrophic accident which forms a mirror-like layer in the atmosphere blocking out direct sunlight.  The accident occurs on October 10th and is dubbed "Twin X" (10-10).  Twin X causes global turmoil as all computers and wireless communications stop functioning. 
Our story picks up ten years after Twin X and focuses on the two children of the head researcher at Heaven's Gate (Terumichi Madoka).  Tatsuya and his older sister Kiyoko are trying to scrape by after the death of their deadbeat mother and their assumption of her debt with the local mobsters.  They're hiding from the gangsters in an abandoned house when they meet three ominous young men.  The young men are attacked by a group of three teens and all the combatants exhibit startling abilities.  Tatsuya and Kiyoko watch in horror as the young men transform into large monsters. 

The two become wards of the Countess of Werdenberg (Hiroko Kageyama) who pays off their debt with the mob.  They join the three teens at the Hotel Providence.  The Countess and the teens are a group called Orga who battle against the Gilgamesh - human-like creatures composed of anti-matter with the ability to manipulate Dynamis (psychic energy).  The three young men from the abandoned house were Gilgamesh and under the orders of Professor Madoka to find his children. 

The three teens with the Countess have psychic powers and control Dynamis.  Tatsuya was born after Twin X and exhibits an amazingly high degree of power over Dynamis, although Kiyoko, born before the cataclysm, has no powers.  The overall theme of the story is which side the brother-sister choose - Orga for humanity or Gilgamesh to start the world over.  Which side will you choose?

Pros: Great mix of gothic science-fiction, soundtrack is decent, character designs (large, haunting eyes) were unique and memorable (including the Blattaria based on Venetian medico masks) , complex storyline with a few interesting plot twists/revelations
Cons: Low replay value, slow plot development at times, ending was quick, brother-sister relationship is kinda pervy

Mike Tells It Straight: Dark and haunting, Gilgamesh has a complex storyline and arresting visuals, but delivers a rushed ending.  Reminiscent of Evangelion with it's 'remake the world' theme, this show falls a bit short in comparison.  Although I found it very interesting to watch and liked the unique character designs the show stays a peripheral recommendation.  Check this series out if you really like the gothic/sci-fi fusion genre and need something depressing to watch.

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