Sunday, June 10, 2012

Golden Boy Anime Review

Golden Boy
ADV Films
Complete Collection - 2 discs
180 mins. - 6 episodes
$19.95 (2007)
$19.98 (2004) Essential Anime
$29.98 (2002) Vol. 1
$29.98 (2002) Vol. 2
ISBN 631595074970
Japanese/English Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Studio - Production I.G

Synopsis: Kintaro Oe is a wandering student of life and a freeter (those who lack full-time employment and have deliberately avoided becoming salary-men).  He even completed all of the courses necessary to finish a  law degree, but never officially picked up his diploma.  Instead he takes odd jobs around the country in order to gain life experience and help various people.  His happy-go-lucky attitude follows him everywhere (on his bicycle) and he's a very hard worker.  All of his experiences and life insights are recorded in a notebook he carries at all times.
Kintaro nearly gets run down by this bodacious lady
Along the way he meets many beautiful and talented women.  He falls in love with each instantly, but his awkward and lecherous manner always fouls things up.  Kintaro must work especially hard at whatever job he has set before himself in order to win back favor in the eyes of these lovely ladies.
The beautiful women at the computer software company
laugh at Kintaro's pathetic computer skills
Whether it's scrubbing toilets, being beaten to a pulp, or getting caught fondling a toilet seat - no job is too tough (or degrading) for Kintaro!

  • Computer Studies - Kintaro is nearly killed on his bicycle by a ravishing blond driving a Lamborghini.  She casually hands him 10,000 yen, a slap in the face, and speeds away.  He starts a temp job at a computer software company staffed only by beautiful women.  He's in heaven until he meets the boss - the dragon lady herself from earlier that day!  Now he must prove his skills at computing despite having no experience (he thinks C*Base is like reaching third base and starts chasing all of the women around the office).  Will Kintaro's ignorance with computers kill his chances among the heavenly bodies working at the company?
  • Temptation of the Maiden - Kintaro is working as a staffer at a corrupt politician's reelection campaign.  He meets the boss's gorgeous daughter and she manages to get him to be her tutor.  She's not interested in learning though - she just wants to see Kintaro squirm as she flaunts her young nubile body at him.  Her scheme works very well, but the last guy to look at her was beaten half to death!  Can Kintaro avoid the same fate?
  • Danger! The Virgin's First Love - Kintaro is helping out at a handmade noodle shop and learning it's not easy to make your own noodles.  The owner was run down in a mysterious accident and needs time to recover before assuming making noodles again.  The owner has a lovely daughter with a rich suitor, but Kintaro suspects the suitor's intentions are less than noble.  Will Kintaro get the suitor to show his true colors to save the owner's daughter's honor?
  • Swimming in the Sea of Love - A chance encounter with a beautiful swimmer sets Kintaro on a course to help at a swim school.  He can't swim and gets himself in trouble immediately by challenging the head swimmer (the beautiful girl) to a race.  Now Kintaro has thirty days to learn how to swim better than an Olympic champion!  
  • B@!!$ to the Wall - Biking into the mountains Kintaro meets a knockout motorcycle racing girl at a rest stop.  He begins working at a traditional mansion for a wealthy family where he meets the proper daughter of the owners.  She is the pinnacle of a traditional, proper Japanese lady.  What is her strange connection with the she-devil on a motorcycle Kintaro witnessed and what death-defying feats will he chance for a repeat meeting?
  • Animation is Fun! -  Kintaro works for an animation studio, but things go awry with the deadline of their movie fast approaching.  With the director in the hospital all seems lost until Kintaro calls in favors from the beautiful girls he has met along the way.  Can Kintaro save the day once more and will the girls finally get a piece of him?

Kintaro summons his determination to surmount an obstacle
Pros: Tons of fan-service and a bit of nudity, Kintaro is an endearing idiot with a heart of gold (also an uncontrollable pervert lusting after beautiful women), Kintaro's exaggerated facial expressions (fully rendered) are great, it's hilarious when he gets caught doing something naughty, dub script is funny with some good jokes and hilarious dub-acting (over-the-top is appropriate)
The corrupt politician's daughter tortures Kintaro
by not wearing panties!
Cons: Terrible ending credits although decent ending theme song - literally a credit roll on black background (one of the extras is clean opening/ending credits - well clean ending is just black screen with song playing!), some issues with 2007 version's case allowing for loose discs (which can get scratched up), highly juvenile with lecherous humor, episodes get a bit repetitive, no one could survive that jump on a bike
What usually happens to Kintaro when he gets caught
doing something lecherous
Mike Tells It Straight: Golden Boy is a true anime classic - if you love fan-service and perverted comedy.  I laughed out loud during practically every episode (especially the first one) and this series is really funny.  The lecherous humor runs high in this series (definitely not for the kiddies) and it was absolutely hilarious.
Kintaro fantasizes about winning the favor of the
dragon lady at the computer software company
The plot of each episode gets repetitive - Kintaro meets a hot girl, gets a new job, fouls up in front of the girl, and spends the rest of the episode trying to master the job to win her heart.  Regardless, each situation is different and provides new situations for Kintaro to fondle a toilet.  Yeah, that happens a lot.
Kintaro worshiping a toilet used by a beautiful woman
I loved this short six-episode OVA and it's perfect when you need something goofy to take your mind off things.  It's based on a manga which is far more racy than the anime (that's saying a lot).  Don't expect a serious story and get ready to laugh at Kintaro's expense.

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