Monday, August 15, 2011

Girls Bravo Anime Review

Girls Bravo
Complete - 24 episodes
560 mins - 4 discs
$49.98 (2010)
ISBN 704400045806
English/Japanese Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Ei Aoki
Studio - AIC

Synopsis: Yukinari has been bullied by girls his whole life, especially his next door neighbor Kirie.  It's gotten so bad he's actually allergic to them and breaks out in a rash anytime he comes in contact with a girl.  When he accidentally gets transported through his bathtub to the planet Seiren, with a population made up of 90% women - it's his worst nightmare come true! 

Fortunately he meets Miharu, a beautiful girl with uncanny abilities and the first female who doesn't make him break out in a rash.  She gets transported back to Earth with Yukinari and must deal with the culture shock of a new world.

 Yukinari has his hands full with all of these crazies:
  • Miharu - from Seiren, has strange abilities and an unquenchable appetite, loves Yukinari
  • Kirie - Yukinari's next door neighbor, well-endowed, tough, has a crush on Yukinari despite his wimpy demeanor
  • Kazuharu - is Yukinari's classmate and the most popular boy at school, incredibly rich, a total lecher with the exact opposite allergy as Yukinari - he is allergic to guys and can only be around women
  • Lisa - Kazuharu's sister, a witch, believes Yukinari is her soulmate after reading a horoscope
  • Koyomi - from Seiren, sent to retrieve Miharu, afraid of guys, searching for her father on Earth
  • Tomoka - from Seiren, sent to help Koyomi retrieve Miharu, is a pre-teen, knows some magic
  • Maharu - Miharu's big sister with even bigger boobs, obsessed with finding a husband
  • Hayate - Lisa's attendant, has ninja stealth skills
  • Kosame - another of Lisa's attendants, strong fighter, in love with Kirie
Pros: Fan-service with actual nudity, lighthearted comedy with lots of sexual innuendo and endearing characters, Kosame's lesbian crush on Kirie is hot!, each episode usually starts with a naked girl in the bathtub

Cons: Typical harem show, story is brainless and silly

Mike Tells It Straight: Harem shows should drop the pretense and follow Girls Bravo's lead by giving us what we really want - fan-service with nudity!  It's pure comedy mixed with sexual innuendo, but never takes itself too seriously or goes too far (unless you're easily offended by inappropriate sexual behavior, and then it goes too far).  Released in two "seasons" of 12 episodes each for a total count of 24 episodes.  They noticeably up the fan-service factor after season one!  Even the opening credits have nudity - so if you're looking for something silly with fan-service (and you're old enough to watch it) then this show is perfect!

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