Friday, June 22, 2012

Ellcia Anime Review

ADV Films
Complete Collection - 1 disc
100 mins. - 4 episodes
$29.98 (2006)
ISBN 702727156526
Japanese/English/Spanish Audio
English Subtitles
Director - Noriyasu Kogawa
Studio - J.C. Staff

Synopsis: King Nabosu of Megaronia discovered an ancient technology from a long-dead civilization and used it to conquer the continent of Hulk.  In a time of swords and sorcery he annihilated all opposition with guns and battleships.  

Not content to rule just Hulk, the king subjugated the four island nations to the south including Eija.  He killed the king and queen, but took their son, Elluri, as a hostage.  The sacred book of Eija prophesies the downfall of the King by a ship of god which was used to rule Hulk a millennia ago.
The book of Eija begins bleeding as a precursor
to the prophecies fulfillment!
The King's daughter, Crystel, is obsessed with finding the ship of god called the Ellcia.  She journeys to Eija to find it.  A group of young pirates led by a girl named Eira is almost capsized by Crystel's fleet.  They follow her to the island and witness a massacre of Selties (native elf-like creatures).
Eira the jailbait pirate - worst hairdo ever!
The Selties help find the Chosen One who can captain the Ellcia against Megaronia.  It won't be an easy fight as the powerful soldier Phelkis has built an incredibly destructive ship and begins hunting the Ellcia.  Can the Ellcia prevail, will Elluri be freed from captivity to wreak revenge, and what link does Eira have with Eijia?
"If you don't give me the legendary ship of god I will
shoot you right in the face!" - Crystel
Pros: Couple plot twists (nothing too shocking), Ellcia's and Phelkis' ship designs were pretty interesting
"If you don't give me the legendary ship of god I will
cut your face off!" - Phelkis
Cons: Dated animation, horrendous character designs, weak plot - kinda generic by today's standards, Ellcia gets blasted on for most of the show, lame music
The Ellcia gets shot up by Phelkis and his Megaronian buddies
Mike Tells It Straight: Based on the cover image I thought Ellcia was a girl with punk rock hair who kicked butt with a sword and was kinda sad.  Little did I know Ellcia was actually a mystical ship the girl would pilot as the Chosen One.  The story was straightforward without too many surprises, decent animation for an older show, and I dug the look of the Ellcia.

All sorts of badness is happening to Elluri while
Eira watches helplessly
Absolutely hated the character designs and dub.  The misfit pirates were terrible and Eira's hair worst of all.  The Ellcia spent a lot of time getting hammered on by Phelkis and those poor Selties kept getting gunned down.  Ending was pretty good as far as a suspenseful conclusion.  Overall a very low recommendation - perfect dollar bin fodder.  Reminded me of Record of Lodoss War, but without any of the good bits.

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