Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ruin Explorers: Quest for the Ultimate Power! Anime Review

Ruin Explorers: Quest for the Ultimate Power!
Ruin Explorers Fam & Ihrie
ADV Films
Complete Collection - 1 disc
120 mins. - 4 episodes
$19.98 (2004)
$29.98 (2000)
ISBN 702727000928
Japanese/English Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Takeshi Mori
Studio - MOVIC

Synopsis: Ihrie and Fam are treasure hunters searching through the ruins of a once-proud civilization.  The rulers of the old world possessed the Ultimate Power, but it was their undoing and the world crumbled.  Their lost power is legendary and thought to be a myth, but scores of explorers seek to uncover it along with many other secrets of the lost age.  Ihrie is the leader and a skilled swordswoman.  She can also cast spells, but an unfortunate curse as a child causes her to turn into a mouse when using magic.  Without an emergency supply of antidote she'll be stuck as a rodent forever!  Fam is a ditsy elf girl who worships the spirits of nature.  She only uses magic for constructive purposes and is a bit clumsy.
Fam and Ihrie listen to Galuff's story about a map to find the Ultimate Power
The unlikely pair eke out a living by robbing ancient ruins.  Ihrie wishes to find the Ultimate Power and break her curse while Fam wants to use it for helping people.  They meet a merchant named Galuff at an inn and he gives them information about finding the Ultimate Power.  He's a shifty fellow and another pair of ruin explorers show up to contest the treasure.  They are Rasha, the sorceress, and Miguel, the expert swordsman.  Now Ihrie and Fam must fight to keep their treasure!  Ihrie can't use magic and she's had enough of Fam's unwillingness to cast offensive spells.  Will the two break their partnership?
Rasha and Miguel cause all sorts of trouble for Ihrie and Fam
Lyle is the prince of a destroyed kingdom and on a quest for revenge against the sorcerer responsible, Ruguduroll!  The foul mage is out to get the Ultimate Power and destroy the world on a mad conquest.  Will the selfish treasure hunters help Lyle battle the frighteningly evil wizard?
The evil sorcerer Ruguduroll plans to destroy the rest of the world!
Pros: Lots of comedy, good adventure, the characters interactions were great, very brief nude scene, Ihrie turning into a mouse was pretty funny, okay plot
Ihrie takes a hot bath after a tough day exploring ruins
Cons: Fam was a bit annoying at times, music is weak, it ends
Lyle launches an attack with a mystical sword
Mike Tells It Straight: I was pleasantly surprised by Ruin Explorers and thought it was a nice little OVA (original video animation).  The storyline was solid and had a lot of amusing comedy moments.  The characters were great and despite their basic personalities had some good character development.  They really worked well together and have a fun adventure until Ruguduroll shows up to scare the crap out of everyone.
Fam summons her magical abilities
He was definitely a worthy villain and we get to see his origin.  I thought the ending was perfect and all the questions were answered - a rare occurrence in anime (which are notorious for lame endings). I came into this show with no real expectations.  I knew it had been around for awhile and was fantasy based, but that's about it.  Overall I would recommend this show if you like The Slayers and comedy mixed with fantasy.  It's a quick and entertaining watch.
Same scar on the cheek, yep, that mouse looks familiar!

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