Friday, April 8, 2011

Fantastic Children Anime Review

Fantastic Children
Fantajikku Chirudoren
Bandai Entertainment – Anime Legends
Complete Collection – 26 episodes
650 mins. – 6 discs
$49.98 (2008)
$19.98 (2006) Vol. 1-6/ea.
$29.98 (2006) Vol. 1 Special Edition
ISBN 669198234767
English/Japanese Audio – English Subtitles
Director – Takashi Nakamura
Studio - Nippon Animation
TO BUY: Fantastic Children

Synopsis: Records of mysterious white-haired children appearing in 19th century Europe, again in the 20th century near a south-eastern archipelago, and over the course of many years in many different lands have been discovered. A government detective whose ancestor has a strange link to the children investigates a slew of child disappearances in the 21st century. The children appear to have a clandestine mission, have been seen near history-altering events, and are always searching for one particular girl.
Who are the Fantastic Children?
In the 21st century a boy named Thoma befriends two orphans, Chitto and Helga. They have run away from the orphanage and Thoma hides them on the island he lives on in the southeast. A strange white-haired boy appears on the island one day and just as suddenly disappears. In his wake comes government agents and the three friends are caught up in a dangerous adventure. It’s a race against time to solve the mystery of the ‘Befort Children’ and save Helga’s life!
This mysterious painting from the 19th century is uncovered in
the 21st century and gives clues to the true origin of the children
Pros: Mystery of the ‘Befort Children’ is captivating, establishing friendship of Thoma/Helga/Chitto is enjoyable, great story of redemption after terrible mistakes, full musical score, some interesting metaphysical science theories, characters are all very well thought out with unique personalities, ending works, bonus musical score cd with booklet if you really like the music
Thoma becomes embroiled in the mystery of the Fantastic Children
after helping two orphans named Helga and Chitto
Cons: Second half of the story is not as interesting as the first as the mystery is solved and all the pieces don’t fit perfectly together, DON’T read the time chart insert from the dvd case until after you’ve watched the show – it contains spoilers, king’s English dub voice-acting is horrible, Helga’s character starts out as agonizingly introverted, sometimes the story is too slow and simple, character animation style is pretty basic

Who are these strange people and what link do they have
with the Fantastic Children?
Mike Tells It Straight: If you liked Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water then this anime has a similar feel. It has a deceptively simple visual style, but contains a fairly mature story - very similar to Now and Then, Here and There (although NAT, HAT was more mature and somewhat depressing).  Those looking for a story with a good mystery and willing to put up with a slow plot buildup will be pleased.  Fantastic Children kept my attention and I enjoyed the adventure leading up to the big reveal of just who are these mysterious figures!
The thrilling mystery of the Fantastic Children!

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