Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jungle De Ikou! Anime Review

Jungle De Ikou!
Anime Works
Complete - 3 episodes
90 mins. - 1 disc
$29.95 (2001)
ISBN 631595010879
English/Japanese Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Yuji Moriyama
Studio - Studio Fantasia/Star Child/MOVIC
TO BUY: Jungle De Ikou

Synopsis: Natsumi's father returns from the site of an archaeological find and gives her an ancient sculpture with two beautiful jewels.  She makes the jewels into earrings and is suddenly summoned by the god Ahem.  He warns her of a great evil god called Ongo who will destroy the world and teaches her a perverted dance to perform when she is in danger.

In the morning Natsumi discovers Ongo in her room, but he's a little jungle pygmy with some magical powers. He's been sealed in the sculpture for centuries and doesn't recognize the modern world. Soon he and Natsumi are getting into all sorts of magical trouble. She performs Ahem's dance and is transformed into Mie, the goddess of fertility and an uber-hottie. 

Now Natsumi with the help of Mie's power must protect Japan from the powerful mischief of Ongo and his ex-girlfriend Rongo!

Pros: Fan-service (although no nudity), Mie has enormous breasts that jiggle around, some amusing comedy, Ongo is cute

Cons: Some of the themes/jokes are not too appropriate (whale meat is eaten, Natsumi's father wants to take a bath with her "like old times"), actually spelled "Jungre De Ikou!"

Mike Tells It Straight: I've been curious about this show for years and finally got around to watching it, but was a little disappointed.  It's actually a magical girl show albeit with a healthy dose of fan-service.  It was kind of funny, but I was drawn in by the buxom girl on the cover and was expecting more fan-service.  While Mie is indeed a major knockout, she just doesn't appear much and a bunch of schoolgirl panty shots couldn't make up for it.  The story was over-the-top ludicrous and didn't hold my attention, but it was light hearted. Your curiosity may get the better of you (like it did me), but I would pass on this one and seek out more recent shows with some awesome fan-service (not to mention nudity).

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