Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jewel BEM Hunter Lime Anime Review

Jewel BEM Hunter Lime
Anime Works-Media Blasters
Complete Collection - 1 disc
90 mins. - 3 episodes
$24.95 (2001)
ISBN 631595011777
Japanese/English Audio - English Subtitles
Director - Tetsuro Amino
Studio - Ashi Productions

Synopsis: A magical world exists beyond ours and a doorway in the moon opens once a month.  Bass (pronounced Boss) and Lime pursue a being from the magical world into the human world.  This being has stolen a chest containing six magical jewels, but Bass' impatience causes the jewels to be scattered into the human world.

Lime scolds Bass (both in their magical forms) for losing the jewels
Now Lime and Bass must recover the jewels before the next time the door to the magical world opens.  They possess powerful magical bodies and can transform into human forms.  Lime has a magical blob-looking pet named Poogie who can shape-shift into any form.  Bass is a lecherous pervert who loves to chase and fondle girls (particularly Lime).
Lime and Bass must stop a BEM candle monster from petrifying humans
The jewels create BEM monsters out of ordinary objects making them perform evil deeds.  Bass and Lime must stop each BEM monster and recover the jewels.  They first stop a disgruntled candle from menacing the city, then try to help a coinpurse fulfill its destiny of evil, and visit a hospital where a syringe has been causing problems.  Will they recover the jewels in time?
Lime and Bass defeat a BEM monster and recover one of the lost jewels
Pros: Some decent fan-service, light-hearted and mildly amusing, Bass (pronounced Boss) is a total perv who chases girls, trailers
The BEM coinpurse monster tries to be bad by stealing girls' bras
Cons: Animation style and character designs are not great, silly story with so-so script (a few good lines, but mostly lame), music is pretty weak, monsters are utterly goofy, no ending
Poogie turns into all sorts of useful shapes to punish the lecherous Bass
Mike Tells It Straight: Originally based on a computer game, Jewel BEM Hunter Lime is a brief OVA which introduces us to the world of Bass and Lime.  The show is essentially a cute, comedy series.  Bass is a hopeless pervert and Lime plays the straight man to keep him in check.  Their adventure would be completely innocent if not for the Bass' groping of Lime.  Not exactly suitable for children.
The BEM coinpurse monster wants Lime's bra!
The OVA has no ending which is always a letdown for a series.  Just three episodes vs. three different BEM monsters.  If not for Bass and the coinpurse BEM (btw, I have no idea what BEM stands for) from the second episode this show would be a total waste.  Fortunately there are some funny moments if you enjoy a little fan-service and inappropriate groping.  Overall an obscure anime which is cute/tongue-in-cheek, but a low recommendation.
"It helps to rub the area after you get a shot!"

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